Brothers Aaron and Cory share a shameful secret—a secret worth killing for.

When Army vet and convicted murderer Aaron (J.R. Howell) is released early 

from prison, he seeks to re-establish contact with his brother, Cory

(Michael Bonini).  But when Cory’s devoutly religious fiancée, Cass 

(Carolyn Laws) discovers that the brothers’ bond is closer than it should

be, her efforts to pull them apart threaten to unravel them all in this 

mind-bending psychosexual thriller.        




5.1 Surround

91 Minutes

Canon C300 with Rokinon Prime Lenses


Written and Directed by J.R. Howell

Produced by Country Road Films, LLC

Director of Photography: Mark Christian

Editors: Susie Landers, J.R. Howell

Assistant Director: Tony Schermetzler

Composer: J.R. Howell

Art Director: Lynn Sweat

Assistant Editor: Brian Alexander

Boom Op/Location Sound: William Bishop

Production Assistants: Josh Davis, Miguel Angel Marrero



J.R. Howell as Aaron Frehr

Michael Bonini as Cory Frehr

Carolyn Laws as Cass

Chad Darnell as Dr. Cheska

Mandy Peters as Jackie

Doug Mobley as the Correctional Officer

Kurtis Brock as Aaron's Doppelgänger

Alvin Jackson as the Judge